June 4, 2020

It feel goods to be able to walk the streets again after almost 2 months of confinement. Here I go again chasing the unlikely scene because remember ... great things await around each c...

May 14, 2020

Here is one of my latest successful pinhole shoot, one knows how this technique could be so hazardous. I took this in Les Beaux de Provence, a quite unusual place where the village is l...

April 1, 2020

When I saw this object on a flea market I bought it immediately. I knew exactly how to take a picture to make it look quite surreal. It is in fact a set of molds

to produce rabbit shaped...

February 8, 2020

It has been a while I haven't ski in this resort: Avoriaz. The architecture here is quite unique, this is one of the modernist concepts launched in the late 70's. It's even more impress...

January 1, 2020

What about taking a dive in the Northern Irish Sea on the first of January right before noon? Just to fresh you up and get your mind straight after a night of partying ... might want to...

December 21, 2019

OK, me too, I asked a drone for Christmas. As a photographer it's a dream come true: Being able to change my vision angle, to shoot from where I was unable to go before. I am starting w...

November 7, 2019

I have goose bumps whenever I look at this picture. I remember entering this graveyard under this heavy sky and walking through the alleys. There was such a mysticism floating around .....

October 23, 2019

Scotland is really the place of magnificent light and vivid contrasted colours. This is a true paradise for photographers who love beautiful countryside scenes and are patient enough to...

September 5, 2019

This incredible piece of architecture stands right where I start my joggings in the East subburbs of Paris. This is part of a large flour mill from the past century, reconverted today i...

August 24, 2019

This is how we call the ski gondolas in France: Eggs. I found this incredible junkyard in a remote village in the French Alps. If you are looking to build your own ski resort, contact m...

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